ETF, a Eurovia (VINCI Group) subsidiary, has developed a decentralised, agile organisational structure designed to meet the wide range of stakeholder needs.


Regional locations

We believe that if we are to take the right decisions – the decisions that serve regional rail mobility –, it is important that we operate close to our customers and their users. Our regional locations therefore handle part of ETF’s activities directly, in conjunction with local customers and stakeholders.

Rail expertise


To meet the need for scarce capabilities and offer state-of-the-art technical solutions, ETF has set up four specialised entities:

Customised organisational structure for major projects

The Major Projects Division was set up to handle the largest projects. It brings together project structures tailored to large contracts for the national railway network and urban transport systems.

International focus

To deliver our expertise around the world, ETF set up an International Division bringing together several highly autonomous business units located in other countries including Germany, Canada, Poland, Luxembourg and Chile (link to international locations). The International Division has a  enabling it to mobilise teams for its projects in other countries, notably in Africa.

Head office serving the business units

All these decentralised units work day-to-day with the support functions to reach out to new markets, develop and spread innovative expertise and conduct in-depth studies to design the most suitable projects. Our teams thus have the support of experts who help them carry out their projects under the best possible conditions.

ETF’s operational organisational structure