Our research and development teams innovate day-to-day to handle increasingly large projects and meet the challenges of the future.

As the world changes and population growth drives significant increase in mobility solutions, the needs of our customers also evolve, and this faces the rail industry with new challenges. In addressing this change, we strive not just to follow, but to lead.

Our research and development engineers and technicians daily rise to the challenge of creating safer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly methods and equipment. In doing so, they have the support of the 4,000 square metre Eurovia research centre in Mérignac and its 150 or so testing machines.

The endeavour has produced substantial results, including the pusher wagon to accelerate track laying operations on high-speed rail lines; the design of new renewal trains; and dual-flow ballast trains. 

Innovation also builds on the experience of our employees in the field. The initiatives they take in their day-to-day operations on our worksites are pooled to improve our tools and processes.