For regional railway networks, high-speed rail lines, urban transport networks, or industrial railway sidings, ETF installs and maintains railway components, including ballast, sleepers, tracks and overhead contact lines. Building on its resources and experiences, ETF provides its clients with effective organization, innovative work methods, highly responsive local service, and last but not least, an expert workforce that has made the company a key player in the rail industry. We specialize in four business lines:

Urban transport networks

Since 1898, ETF has been a key player in the development of urban transport in France and abroad. Thanks to our many achievements in metal and rubber-wheeled railway systems, we have earned the rail industry recognition

Metro systems

Constructor of the first Parisian metro line, the company is active in the development of metros worldwide. Its renown now extends to Asia and the Americas. Recently, the cities of Marseille, Lyon, and Cairo reconfirmed their confidence in the company by selecting us for the extension of their networks.

Tramway systems

In the 1980s, ETF took part in the re-emergence and the expansion of tramway lines, building over 500 kilometres of track in urban setting. Thanks to our methodical approach and availability, ETF teams are able to carry out construction activities in busy urban settings, thereby meeting technical and social requirements.

ETF can assure the continued quality of the infrastructure with preventive and remedial maintenance.

National Railway networks

ETF provides construction and maintenance services both for national lines including high-speed lines. The company is recognized for its innovative and high-performance technologies. Its expertise extends to various areas of activity such as track and ballast renewal, maintenance of national railway lines, installation and upkeep of high-speed lines, trackbed cleaning, ballast reprocessing, civil engineering, and railway signalling.

High-speed rail lines: construction and upgrade

Construction of high-speed lines requires in-depth knowledge of a specific organization and implementation of exceptional resources. One of the first in the field, ETF has developed a new track-laying system, constructing a segment of ballastless concrete-slab track. The regeneration of a high-speed line is the renewal of the ballast and/or track equipment.

Maintenance of national railway lines

ETF’s strong regional presence allows the company to offer its clients a local, permanent relationship. The complementarity of ETF teams allows us to undertake all types of work: renewal of tracks, switches, crossings, and sleepers, aluminothermic and electrical welds, mechanical tamping and settings.

Industrial Railway sidings

ETF installs and maintains private and industrial sidings and builds multimodal stations. In France, the company is endowed with a regional structure that allows for streamlined operations throughout the country.

Our teams can spring into action on short notice to meet all types of needs:  new project studies and design, existing network reconfiguration, installation and maintenance of ballast or concrete track, ground-level or raised track, funicular system, and maintenance of metro and tramway track.

The industrial sidings division applies its skills in many industrial sectors such as metallurgy, steel, chemical, oil & gas, armament, automotive, aeronautic, and agri-food/processing. Our diversified client base also includes regional governments and local authorities.

Overhead contact lines and power supply

This division specializes in the study, design, and construction and maintenance of electric traction lines for all transport systems, guided or not. This division has the full resources to provide services both in France and abroad.

Restructuring of national railway networks

ETF takes part in the major electrification projects of national and high-speed lines. The company’s engineering office studies, designs, and prepares associated workplans for our operation teams. The company undertakes a full range of overhead lines-related services on existing lines: foundation works, matting, arming, stringing of cables, testing and commissioning, and settings.

ETF supports its clients in modifying existing tracks, stations and sidings, in upgrading safety of existing equipment and road bridges, in developing or modifying traction substations and overhead rigid conductors.

Urban transport networks

ETF is active in overhead contact line and rail electrification (traction or high-voltage) projects on urban transport networks. In these projects, the company assumes responsibility for all facets of the project: design, supply, construction, testing and commissioning.

ETF Services

ETF Services, also a subsidiary of EUROVIA, oversees railway safety. As part of complex construction and maintenance projects, it ensures perfect coordination with respect to engineering trains travelling on the track, equipment and manpower at worksites.

ETF Services also provides railway equipment hauling services and delivery by rail of materials to worksites. This integrated rail-transport service reassures our clients on the secured delivery of equipment and materials necessary for the successful implementation of their projects. 

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