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Within Eurovia and the VINCI Group, ETF designs, builds and maintains the world’s rail networks on a daily basis. Our mission: to develop safe and rapid rail mobility at the service of people and territories. On national, private or city-center rail networks on urban transport networks, we operate on high-speed lines as well as tramway or metro lines… Thanks to a decentralised organisation into regional structures and specialised competence centres, we combine proximity and expertise to position ourselves as 360° partners in rail transport projects.

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Technical solutions and innovative methods generating new perspectives.

For the traditional national rail network’s and high-speed tracks, siding terminals and port rail facilities, ETF deploys its talents in the design of railway infrastructures.  With its ressources and  experience, ETF works to continuously improve its process and methods.



ETF has an extensive network in France and abroad to address its customers’ mobility goals.

ETF builds rail infrastructure – national networks, high-speed networks, urban rail lines and private and industrial sidings – and installs track components (ballast/concrete, sleepers, rails, overhead contact lines, switches and crossings).

Being a rail mobility partner involves continuing to support operators to maintain the reliability of the infrastructures and ensure continuous train traffic services.

ETF provides both preventive and corrective maintenance works on infrastructures. It  ensures the long-term durability of transport infrastructure, making it possible to delay major renovation works and thus reduce operating costs. 

Being agile and versatile to handle complex major railway projects.

To cope with these unusually large structures with major regional development implications, ETF has set up a department fully dedicated to coordinating and building major projects.

Daily rise to the challenge of creating safer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly methods and equipment.

Our research and development teams innovate day-to-day to handle increasingly large projects and meet the challenges of the future.

National Rail Networks

ETF has worked for national rail networks since it was founded in 1898. Today we deliver the expertise required at all stages of the project and guarantee the performance of the network, including design, construction, upkeep, maintenance and comprehensive track renewal.

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Overhead contact lines

Our specialist teams cover design, construction and regeneration of overhead contact lines for urban rail systems, national railway networks and industrial sidings.

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Urban Rail Transport

ETF, which built the first Paris metro line and helped develop tramways in the 1980s, is a longstanding urban rail system partner in France and around the world.

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Industrial sidings

ETF designs and builds siding terminal infrastructure for private-sector customers (industrial networks, multi-modal stations, port networks, etc.) and for regional authorities.

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Railway Civil Engineering

We build on our civil engineering experience to undertake rail mobility works as a whole and to support our customers comprehensively throughout their projects.

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Railway safety

Because the risk of collision is inherent in our operations, passenger and employee safety is our top priority during our works. We provide day-to-day risk management on all our projects.

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Railway traffic

Our rail transport unit brings our equipment, machines and construction materials directly to the worksites by rail.


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Rail treatment

ETF delivers rail treatment services throughout Europe : rail bending, rail grinding, rail regeneration. 

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