... on all typesof rail networks.




... ETF demonstrates its know-how infour areas of expertise ...


ETF has positioned itself as a true systems integrator, able to deliver turnkey projects. Thanks to strong partnerships with project managers, ETF is able to offer new technical solutions and innovative methods to generate an integrated vision of railway projects.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, we draw on our network of branches and our major projects department to deploy the right technical solutions and human resources.

A tailor-made solution for every project.


Agile and versatile, ETF is a company cut out to tackle the complexity of major rail projects. We build all the rail infrastructure and implement all the components of the track.

Drawing on our resources and experience, we ensure the delivery of reliable, high-performance, long-term structures under optimum safety conditions, from construction to operation.


ETF works alongside the operators to ensure the continued reliability of the facilities and continuity of service. ETF provides both preventive and corrective maintenance for the infrastructure.

It is used to ensure the long-term viability of the infrastructure in order to postpone major renovation work and thus reduce operating costs. As part of one-off projects or multi-year contracts, our teams check the tracks and carry out the necessary operations.

Increasing traffic levels are leading to heavy wear and tear on the infrastructure, necessitating maintenance work (after several maintenance operations). Whether the work involves renewing track components or switches and crossings, we can carry out the work under interception, with or without traffic on the adjoining track.


Offering a complete, integrated service means bringing together all ETF's business lines to provide tailored solutions.

Being a single point of contact and implementing services that integrate rail safety, traction, routing, and the supply of construction and maintenance work frees our customers from the management of co-activity.