... on all typesof rail networks.




... ETF demonstrates its know-how infour areas of expertise ...


ETF promptly heads the design of new private rail infrastructures, conducts studies on overhead catenary systems or designs railway security systems.

Thanks to solid partnerships with the project managers, ETF is able to offer new technical solutions and innovative methods to generate an integrated vision of railway projects.


Whether in France or abroad, ETF builds rail infrastructures and provides the items required for the tracks (ballast/concrete, sleepers, rails, catenary systems, switches or turnouts).

Supported by its means and know-how, ETF ensures the delivery of reliable, efficient and long-lasting works in conditions of optimal safety from the point of their implementation to their operation.


Being a partner in rail mobility is to be supportive of the operators so as to maintain uninterrupted reliability of works and ensure continuity of service.

ETF, therefore, guarantees the preventive, but also the corrective, maintenance of the infrastructures.


Making a complete and integrated proposal is to bring together all ETF’s skills to provide the most appropriate solutions. It also means offering our clients the right solutions to meet their requirements by acting as a driving force.

Being the sole intermediary and implementing services including rail safety, traction, delivery, and supply of construction and maintenance works releases our clients from the management of concurrent activities.