By integrating catenary work into its track construction, renewal and maintenance activities, ETF is able to offer its partners comprehensive solutions for all rail projects.

With 63 SNCF qualifications in the track and catenary sectors, ETF deploys expert, multi-skilled technicians across the entire rail network: pole-setters, catenary fitters, maintenance operators, aerial electrical cable workers and catenary specialists. They are real mechanics with a solid knowledge of electrical distribution, which is essential if they are to manoeuvre with agility and precision in the field.

The ETF Catenary branch deploys its expertise in a variety of fields, covering both urban transport sectors such as tramways and the future metro lines of the Grand Paris Express, as well as the electrification and modernisation of catenaries for SNCF and RATP operations. This dynamic business extends throughout France, reflecting our commitment to meeting national needs for electrified transport.

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