ETF teams are committed to working together to design and build rail mobility in compliance with our ethical principles. Together we take action to ensure the safety of our people, to provide long-term career paths and to share the benefits of our performance. We also fully support the commitments set out in the VINCI Manifesto.

Commitments to our stakeholders

1. Together, design, build and maintain!

We commit to promoting outreach and consultation in conducting our projects to ensure that our partners are closely involved.

2. Together, comply with ethical principles!

The exemplary ethical conduct of ETF’s employees is reflected in their compliance with the laws and regulations of all the countries in which they operate.

3. Together, promote rail interests!

ETF undertakes to promote the interests of the industry in relations with public authorities and contracting authorities. This activity highlights innovation and discussion of the changes (technical, social, health and safety, etc.) taking place in the sector.

Commitments to society at large

4. Together, for green growth!

ETF undertakes to reduce our CO2 emissions, notably through the use of dual-flow trains. The dual-flow technology puts a stop to empty works train wagons and thereby significantly reduces the worksite’s environmental footprint. ETF also undertakes to re-use track component materials.

5. Together, engage in civic projects!

ETF takes action to positively impact all employment areas around its worksites. We hire people under work integration contracts, site contracts and sometimes temporary contracts. By training the teams in situ, ETF makes an active contribution to workforce development.

Commitments to our employees

6. Together, strive for zero accidents!

We reject the idea that workplace accidents are unavoidable and we commit to the zero accidents objective. Our health and safety policy applies to everyone on our worksites and operational sites. The ETF’s health and safety culture builds on the effort made by all our employees to control the risks inherent in our rail activities. All our managers have been trained in the Health and Safety culture and pass it on to the people in the field.

7. Together, foster equality and diversity!

We commit to diversifying our supervisory staff to include more women and people of diverse origins. Our policy is focused on combatting all forms of discrimination in hiring and in workplace relations. ETF is strongly committed to its policy of developing the employability and work integration of people with disabilities.

8. Together, promote sustainable careers!

We commit to offering mobility to all our employees with a view to sustainable professional development, by helping to spread the same technical and managerial culture. The ETF Academy, fully dedicated to railway jobs, addresses the various changes currently underway in the sector and prepares the teams to meet the challenges lying ahead.

9. Together, share the benefits of our performance!

We commit to ensuring, wherever possible, that 100% of our employees are covered by a profit-sharing system adapted to the legal and social frameworks of the various countries in which we operate.