End of the 2021 campaign for the Suite Rapide Zone Dense

Publié le 20 December 2021

The 2021 campaign for the Suite Rapide Zone Dense project is coming to an end. It will have enabled 86.5 km of track to be regenerated, i.e. 101% of the planned tracks.

To carry out these renewal projects, the ETF teams were able to rely on their industrial tools TEVO and REVO, as well as on PUSCAL, which carried out platform cleaning work to ensure the sustainability of the RVB work.

This fine performance was achieved thanks to the unfailing mobilisation of all the SNCF Réseau and ETF teams, who worked in synergy every day to achieve this ambitious objective.

The time has come to carry out some heavy maintenance operations to enable us to maintain the required level of reliability and set off again for a new challenge in 2022.