ETF teams clean up the Nile in Egypt

Publié le 10 November 2020

Present in Cairo to carry out the extensions to line 3 of the metro,ETF teams took part in a clean-up operation on the Nile on Saturday 7 November 2020.  In addition to the railway work, they are supporting local environmental initiatives.

All ETF employees accompanied by their families led a campaign to raise awareness of environmental issues. They did so in one of Egypt’s most emblematic heritages: The Nile.

In this operation, ETF partnered with Verynile, a non-profit organisation that works to protect the environment and keep the Nile clean. ETF’s relationship with this association does not end on this day. We are supporting them, via a sponsorship, in the construction of a cleaning boat that will systematically come to clean the river in 2021.

In addition to a clean-up operation, it was a real day of awareness-raising about the city’s environmental issues and the dangers that can result from poor waste management.