Under the Channel, ETF maintains the Franco-British rail network!

Publié le 2 June 2020

Since the Channel Tunnel began operating in the 1990s, ETF has carried out numerous maintenance and upkeep works for Eurotunnel to ensure the smooth running of this very special rail system.

ETF teams are currently working on two maintenance projects:

Remplacement of damaged blocks

The blocks are used when the rail network consists of concrete bi-block sleepers. This is the concrete element on which the rail rests. A total of about 600 blocks will have to be replaced, with 3 to 30 units per working time.

Repair of the rail fasteners fixing

The objective of this project is to renew the rail fasteners:

  • by repairing their fixing by extracting the broken screw,
  • or, when this is not possible, by coring the block insert and replacing it by sealing a new one.

These two projects, each lasting 36 months, are carried out in parallel three nights a week.