375 km of rehabilited railways in Uganda

Publié le 28 January 2020

ETF, in consortium with SOGEA SATOM (VINCI Group), has just signed a contract for the rehabilitation of the railway connecting the cities of Tororo and Gulu in Uganda

Currently unexploited, this single metric gauge railway built between the years 1910 and 1930 will be rehabilitated over its entire way (375 km).

This major project is set up by the government of the Republic of Uganda with the participation of European funds. Its purpose is to improve socio-economic growth in the north of the country. The rehabilitated axis will allow the northern regions, located around Gulu, to join the main Kampala – Mombasa (Kenya) railway and develop the rail freight transport service.

Site detail:

  • Dismantling of all 375 km of track
  • Repair of the entire platform under ballast
  • Production and installation of 200,000 m3 of ballast
  • Repair or replacement of tracks, sleepers and track devices
  • Rest of the 375 km of the rehabilitated track
  • Ballasting and tamping for its return to service

Materials to replace or renovate:

  • 2,700 bars of 12 meters of BS60 tracks
  • 105,000 metal sleepers
  • 14 track devices

In parallel with the main works: the sanitation will be rehabilitated, various structures of the line will be consolidate and service tracks will be built in the stations of Mbale, Soroti and Lira.

To carry out this project, ETF mainly intends to use local workforce. In total, around 400 to 500 people could be recruited. The works execution time will be around 36 months.