Eurovia acquires German railway construction company AGT GmbH

Publié le 11 February 2021

Eurovia has acquired the German company AGT (Allgemeine Gleis-und Tiefbau- Bauunternehmung) GmbH, which joins ETF, its railway subsidiary.

AGT GmbH is based in Mainz, the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate state; it has been active in railway construction for over 35 years. It employs 60 people and achieved an annual turnover of 11 million euros in 2020.

AGT GmbH specialises in the construction of tracks, switches, crossing systems and platforms. Its main references include the Lichtwiesenbahn in Darmstadt, the renewal of the Gutleut depot in Frankfurt am Main and the Hattenbergstraße in Mainz.

This acquisition strengthens the German position of ETF, a Eurovia subsidiary, in the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure in a dynamic market.