In Chile, OFC teams completed the Vespucio Norte depot

Publié le 16 February 2021

After a year of work, the ETF and OFC teams have completed the construction of the rail system for the new line 2 depot: Vespucio Norte. After a successful first run of the first metro train, the depot will be officially commissioned in May 2021.  

This new depot, built for the Santiago metro, mobilised up to 100 people for the construction of:  

  • 10 tracks of 140 linear metres each
  • 13 switches
  • an assembly workshop
  • a pedestrian bridge 

Teams from our Chilean subsidiary also built 900 linear metres of track to connect the new depot to the existing track.  

The next stage will take place in September 2021, when work will begin on a 3.5 km double-track extension of the same pneumatic line to the south of the Chilean capital.