Start of rail works for line 15 South-West / Grand Paris Express

Publié le 15 March 2022

ETF is carrying out, for the Société du Grand Paris, the equipment and track/catenary works for the South-West sector of the future line 15. This project consists of equipping the 16.5 km of tunnel between the Pont de Sèvres and Les Ardoines stations. It is being managed by ETF’s Grands Projets Urbains teams (lead contractor), which will be supported by ETF Caténaires and Mobility, a VINCI Energies subsidiary.

A major project well underway

Since January 2022, ETF’s operational teams have been working at the Robespierre shaft to begin the work between the future Bagneux and Villejuif Louis Aragon stations. A total of 4 km of cable trays have already been installed, 1,800 welds have been made and concreting of the first track has begun. The site will continue to build up over the next few weeks.

Nearly 140 operatives are mobilised every day to ensure the smooth construction of this section of line 15. The 75 km long line will serve 36 stations and is therefore a central element of the Grand Paris Express project.