New gantries for unloading switches

Publié le 30 May 2021

As part of the Vigirail switches renewal programme, ETF teams use trestle wagons to deliver pre-assembled switches to construction sites.

In order to facilitate the work of its operational staff, the ETF’s Travaux Mécanisés Nationaux agency has acquired two new gantries dedicated to the unloading and laying of switches from wagons or platforms. These gantries, which are unique in France, represent a good technical alternative to Kirow cranes and greatly improve the safety of work teams. Fully operated from the ground by remote control, it is not necessary to use other handling equipment or for operators to climb onto the wagons.

In addition to unloading from the trestle wagons, the gantries can be used for all switches renewal work thanks to their high longitudinal (1m) and transverse (2m) shifting capacity.