Opening of the underground line 6 in Santiago, Chile

Publié le 29 October 2018

This new line, which is entirely automated, is 15-kilometre-long and comprised of 10 stations, serves 7 towns in Santiago’s suburbs and will greatly improve the daily life of over a million people.

The company group including ETF (a Eurovia subsidiary, VINCI), the proxy, and Colas Rail (a subsidiary of Colas, BOUYGUES) won in 2013 and for twenty years the contract for engineering, construction and maintenance of the new Santiago underground lines 6 and 3.

Another 22 kilometres and 18 more stations will be added to the Santiago underground network with the construction of line 3, which is due to open in October 2018. The maintenance contract for the company group ETF/Colas Rail has become effective with the opening of line 6 on November 2nd, 2017.