54 km of catenaries regenerated on the Pyrenean cross-country line

Publié le 21 June 2023

ETF’s catenary agency has regenerated the catenaries on the line between Lannemezan and Tarbes (65).

Also known as the Transversale Pyrénéenne, this strategic route carries almost 50 trains every day, representing more than 10,000 passengers. This project, co-financed by SNCF Réseau and the Occitanie Region, will ensure the reliability of the line and help to accommodate international trains in the future.

In just 4 months of preparation and 6 months of work, the teams renovated 54 km of catenaries, i.e. 300 poles and 250 km of conductors. This challenge was met thanks to the 200 operational staff and the twenty or so supervisors who worked tirelessly. It was a groundbreaking project that demonstrated the agency’s ability to take on large-scale projects.  

In addition to having a positive impact on the region’s mobility, ETF is committed to sustainable employment. 9,400 hours of work integration were provided on the project, with special training in “catenary operator” job given prior to the works.