THG: will the premises soon be energy self-sufficient?

Publié le 20 June 2023

Dating back to 1996, the facilities (offices, maintenance workshop and warehouse) of our German subsidiary THG are now too small to keep up with business and house all the equipment. In response to this problem, the branch is building a new storage hall.

The building has been designed from the ground up as part of a global performance approach: to enable the development of operational activity, improve the safety of maintenance teams and improve the branch’s carbon footprint. The 817 m2 of roof space will house 418 modules of photovoltaic panels. With a capacity of 170kW, they will produce almost 250 kWh of electricity per year, enabling all the energy produced to be fed back into the grid, thereby offsetting our consumption and saving 80T of CO2.

The future site will also be equipped with a system for recovering rainwater, which will be used to supply a fire safety pool. Once the tank is full, the extra water will be used to wash the site’s vehicles.

Construction work is due to start shortly, once planning permission has been obtained. This initiative is in line with the agency’s overall environmental action plan and ETF’s ambitions to take action against climate change by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.