AGT maintains tramway tracks in Darmstadt

Publié le 29 May 2023

As part of its maintenance contract for the city of Darmstadt’s tram network with HEAG Mobilo GmbH, AGT, ETF’s local German subsidiary, carried out 2 parallel track renewal projects during the Easter holiday period.

  • The first project took place in Poststraße. 60m of track, a single turnout and a diagonal crossing were renewed.
  • The second project was carried out in Frankfurter Straße, where 385m of track were renewed.

In total, almost 215m³ of concrete were poured within 2 weeks.

Two test markets were also held with the customer to check that everything was in order for the trams to be able to run again on these 2 strategic roads in the city of Darmstadt. These works, which were completed on schedule, are helping to improve the quality of life of the people of Darmstadt.