SAFETY DAYS : Placer l’humain avant tout !

Publié le 29 May 2023

Every year, VINCI Construction and ETF organise Safety Days: a major event for all our teams. A time when we can communicate together on health and safety issues for our construction site, site and workshop teams.

This year’s Safety Days started on 23 May, giving more than 1,300 participants the opportunity to discuss the importance of knowing how to say “STOP” when the unexpected or a major risk arises.

The aim of this “STOP” is to reduce or even eradicate the near-accidents that occur on our worksites. To do this, it is essential to take the time to assess the situation and react to ensure everyone’s safety.

The workshops attended by the teams in the field have enabled us to extend the exercise carried out so far with management during the Proactive Health and Safety Exchange Days (JEPSS), held since the last quarter of 2022, on the 3 pillars of our safety culture:




More than 80 workshops were organised to discuss this theme in small groups of 10 and 20 employees. The workshops were led by a film inspired by near-accidents in ETF’s operations. Raising individual and collective awareness of the importance of STOP in unexpected situations is a major challenge that will enable us to continue to improve the health and safety of our teams.

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