Suites Rapides, assessment of the 2022 campaign

Publié le 16 January 2023

In 2022, ETF was able to regenerate more than 252 km of track thanks to its Suites Rapides. This remarkable performance would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of all the teams at SNCF Réseau, ETF and FEROWAY.

Suite Rapide Nationale: 167 km of renewal

The Suite Rapide Nationale successfully regenerated 167 km of track across the French rail network. This achievement testifies to the operational efficiency and technical expertise deployed by our teams.

Dense Zone Rapid Suite: 85 km of exceptional performance

The Dense Zone Rapid Suite also made a significant contribution, completing the renewal of 85 km of crucial track on the Ile-de-France rail network.

Major contract signed: 675 km of rails renewed by 2029

In addition to the successes of the past year, ETF has signed a strategic 5-year contract to renew 675 km of rail on the French national rail network. This ambitious project will start in 2024, marking a new stage in our commitment to modernising and ensuring the sustainability of the rail network.